Longarm Services

Let us help you create a beautiful work of art that will last for many years. Professional longarm services are available in-store by proprietor Lynn Irish. Choose from a large selection of pantograph patterns and threads. I am happy to help you choose the right pattern and colors for your project. For samples of finished work, please visit the Gallery.

Price List

Length x width x price = cost  prices are in square inches

Open pattern pantograph                             $0.0175

Dense pantograph                                          $0.02

Overall pantograph, separate border          Add $30

Custom quilting                                               from $0.035

Wedding ring quilts                                         $350 and up

Stitching in the ditch                                       0.035

Variegated thread  - one side                        add $0.001

Variegated thread - both sides                      add $0.002

$40 minimum for quilting, $60 minimum for custom work.

Other charges may apply for special circumstances or services.

The small print.

The customer is responsible for the construction of the quilt top. Puckers, tucks, stretching, and missed stitches (holes) cannot be quilted out during quilting, including borders that do not fit properly. While I will do my best to ease these in, I do not guarantee that there will not be puckering. Washing after quilting will help shrink these in.

If the customer chooses light and dark threads for top and bottom, there may be some showing on either side. Again, washing will relax the quilt top and thread.

It is recommended that the backing be washed before quilting. The top must be ironed, stray threads on the quilt top trimmed. There is a $8.00 charge for ironing, $5.00 for trimming threads. (Otherwise, loose threads either get quilted down, or could get tangled in the hopping foot, resulting in a torn top.)

Quilt backing and batting must be a minimum of 4 inches larger that the top on all sides, and square. Do not sandwich your quilt. Please read about how to prepare your quilt for longarming for more information.

Batting options available in store include  Quilter's Dream cotton in three weights, wool, 80/20 , blend, and Pellon Low-Loft Polyester. Contact Lynn if you have a preference for another type of batting, or questions. 

Quilter's Dream is the preferred batting used in-store. The cotton batting has beautiful drape and is available in different weights as well as in white. Wool is a great option for a warm quilt without the weight and provides great texture to a finished quilt.